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375 South Carbon Avenue, Price, UT 84501


Monday to Friday 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM
Saturday to Sunday closed

Welcome to BTAC

The BTAC now has business offices available to rent! Office spaces in 219, 148,447, 324 and 1,350 sq ft are available now.

Please contact BTAC staff at 435-637-7336


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Photo of Small Conference Room

Small Conference Room

This is our small conference room, located to the east of our privacy booths in the south central portion of building. The room is equipped with a large television, webcam, and dry erase board. This…

Photo of Atrium


The Atrium is an excellent space for large group presentations, luncheons, and social gatherings. Resources available in this room include; video projector, 75" television, webcam, microphones, chairs, and tables. The room has two entrances one…

Photo of Board Room

Board Room

This is our large Board Room with an oval executive board room table that comfortably seats 10. The room is equipped with a large television screen, webcam, and microphone for web conferencing. The room also…

Photo of Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

Must have an application completed before approval of booking time. Application form: Contact 435.637.7366 for questions This space requires a non-refundable cleaning deposit of $25.00

Photo of The Studio

The Studio

The Studio is a multi-purpose workstation where entrepreneurs have endless opportunities. Use this space to 3D Print, Experience VR, Record a Podcast, take Photos and so much more. View our ADD-ONs for pricing.

Photo of Remote Work Lounge

Remote Work Lounge

Please visit this link prior to the date of your reservation to let BTAC Staff know how you will need your space set up. Your reservation will not be approved until you have completed this…

Photography Equipment

Daphne Stockdale

Commercial kitchen for Daphne Stockdale


375 South Carbon Avenue, Price, UT 84501
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